Thursday, November 20, 2014

christmas tree

35 days before Christmas! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. When I'm still a child, I used to wait for Santa Clause. Just trying to break the myth that no one catches Santa because he knows when you are sleeping or awake. I almost caught Santa but I am too sleepy ran for him. Silly me. Everything was just a myth and my dad never admitted that he's the one who fills our socks. Christmas is the only time we got the chance to be with or father that's why he really plays the role of Santa since then. This simple catching-Santa-mission makes my Christmas more exciting than ever.

Another thing that I want during Christmas is the new clothes, gifts and red envelopes we receive from our Ninong and Ninang. I am lucky enough that I can still see most of my Godparents during Christmas. They thought me how to be generous even in times of inflation. I always got piggy bank or mugs during Christmas. But I am still thrilled when they are wrapped in a colorful Christmas wrapper.

At the end of Christmas day, me and my cousins used to tell what gifts and how much money we have received from our Godparents. My Christmas is not so extraordinary from the others. What makes it exciting for me is that I can see happy faces from everyone. There's no dull moment during Christmas. Everyone is giving and happy. And this really makes my Christmas special from all occasions of the year.

It's a sign that Christmas is year when Christmas decorations are being set up. This year, I am the one assigned to set up the Christmas decorations. Just to make everything extra special, I chose red and gold as the motif of our Christmas tree. Next year, I am planning to hit the Gold and Ruby Director promotion that's why I want to feel the vibe of those promotions even at this year.

I found this tutorial on how to set up your own Christmas tree. You can click on this link to learn more: Desinger Secret

I just followed the steps on how to decorate my Christmas tree and it turned out to be like this:

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